Each client proposal we share is personalised, and a pre-briefing call is required for us to determine your exact needs to prepare this. As business consultants, we break down our clients’ specific requirements, filtering options suitable in accordance with budget, business activities, location and visa requirements, as well as future expansion plans. As different free-zones have various strengths and capabilities, our experience helps to identify, and match suitable options to preliminary goals, and long-term vision.

It can also be challenging for a new business to open local bank accounts due to enhanced compliance policies. To support entrepreneurs in opening their bank accounts at a local their bank of choice, we leverage the relationships we have built and nurtured over 10 + years and help our clients build a solid profile for this purpose.

Once a company is registered and operational, we then offer our clients ad-hoc support services throughout itslifetime. We are the liaison between our clients and local government Authorities, eliminating the time-spent and bureaucracy commonly associated with doing business in this region.

We also support our clients in re-locating their families, recruiting employees and choosing a suitable office space. Our vision is to remain honest, transparent and professional to ensure that every client is 100% satisfied with the service provided to them.

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