Having built a successful business over a 15-year period, our client wanted to exit the business through a sales process to realise value they had generated.

Problem being solved

Our client had previous experience of a failed sales process where focus was taken off running the business during the Transaction and the business took a step backwards as a result.

Having not previously had a Transaction Advisor for the prior sales process, our client recognized the importance of engaging AHR CAS to run a smooth Transaction for them, whilst enabling them to continue to focus on driving the business forward.

Our client appreciated the business was not yet ready for the Transaction and the importance of structured planning to address the issues that would be potential Transaction roadblocks.

The outcome

AHR CAS performed an Independent Business Review across all aspects of the business to assess readiness for the Transaction, timing of the Transaction and ultimately key roadblocks to the Transaction.

As a result of our work, our client now has the following clear deliverables and actions:

  1. A timetable through to Transaction date with key milestones and deliverables.
  2. Areas of remediation that must be addressed prior to being Transaction ready.
  3. A sense of valuation, equity story and likely target buyers to approach.
  4. A Transaction Advisor to support at each stage of the process through to successful completion.

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