Our client is an established business servicing the regional marine sector with the business being under the current ownership structure for 15 years.

In that time, the owner has successfully grown the business to AED50m+ revenue since inception but now recognises that past successes have been achievable in part due to a growing market and a demand for certain brands.

Problem being solved

The owner appreciates that methods applied to generate historical revenue growth levels needed to be modified to drive continued growth into the future. Consequently, the owner understands that he needs a more formal scaling strategy to take advantage of growing market opportunities and to continue his upward trajectory.

As a part of that scaling strategy the current sales and marketing plan and function needs to be modified and upskilled. In addition, protocols and processes need to be implemented to future proof the business.

The outcome

An AHR CAS Partner has been appointed as a fractional Sales Director for a 4-month period to develop a longer-term sales strategy and to assess, build and implement change to the sales and marketing function to drive that change.

The plan has been created, presented and signed-off by the business owner and key stakeholders.

We also created the following personnel driven strategic changes:

  • Lead generation to create a pipeline of prospects;
  • Key Account (with specific clients) mindset to ensure the client became embedded and secured a first mover opportunity
  • Accountability with cradle to grave ownership of clients and projects.

We are now in the implementation phase working with the client stakeholders to implement the strategy and to drive the necessary people and process related changes.

We have also been asked to review and implement change within another business function as a result of the work performed within the sales and marketing function.

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