Our client recently established a start-up global operation from their Dubai based headquarters. Whilst very familiar with their aspect of the events industry from within the industry, our client had not previously run a consulting business from “the advisor side”.

Problem being solved

Our client saw significant opportunity within the market segment and already had several approaches from prospective clients for advisory mandates.

Recognising the challenges of scaling a business from a standing start, prioritizing opportunities to progress, at what stage and under which engagement terms, our client engaged AHR CAS to provide some independent thought and guidance to an appropriate rollout plan.

The outcome

Through management “brainstorming” engagement sessions, AHR CAS were able to provide independent, objective advice to our client by providing clear direction and a rollout plan.

As a result of our work, our client was provided with the following:

  1. Some clarity on what a structured rollout plan could look like including timelines and actions to achieve timelines.
  2. A plan as to how new prioritized clients were going to be sourced and onboarded.
  3. A view as to how the internal team needed to deliver projects would be retained, engaged and sourced.
  4. Ongoing advisory capability to support our clients continuing journey from early-stage start-up to mature stage business.

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